Monday, January 1, 2018

Disney on Ice

Couple days before Christmas Eve I got a small surprise date night. I hate surprises, I canno't stand when someone is saying something's happening, but won't tell what it is before we actually are there, it drives me completely crazy.

Anyway, my boyfriend he arranged tickets for O2 Arena in Greenwich to see Disney on Ice. The show was great a little Disney moment while waiting to get back to Disney World in Florida!

At the beginning of the show Zootropolis came on ice to have a small start, they were dancing on ice and all the people in the Arena were able to dance with them on their places.
I have to admit that the average age was around 5 years old, but that didn't matter, we had lots of fun there.

We had a small bucket of popcorn there, unfortunately it was huge disapointment, it was sweet popcorn, I really don't like it too much and the popcorn was cold. I was expecting almost as nice popcorn that they do in Disney, I could live with that popcorn.
Anyway everything else about the show was pretty great, we liked it a lot. There were Peter Pan, Lion King, Ariel and her friends, and the final characters were Frozen.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa

Several months ago I made an impulse purchase since I saw summer discounts on Vanity Planet website. It didn't take too long to think if I should make the purchase or not since I got 70% off the price!

So I ended up to buy ultimate skin spa facial cleansing system. The packaging included battery operated facial brush, daily cleaning facial brush head, exfoliating facial brush head and also silicone head for sensitive skin in a container which is easy to take with you even if you are travelling somewhere.

It took me while to start using it, I did test it for one week when I received the package and I did notice some changes on my skin but not a huge difference since I was only trying it out.
My skin has been always bad, not the worst but most of the time I always have some pimples on my face, prone to blemishes and black heads.

Now about three weeks ago I decided to start using the facial brush regularly, at least in the evenings and when I do middle shifts or whenever I am off I'm also using it in a mornings too. I am not that good morning person that I would be awake at 4 am to go to wash my face. I wake up 10 minutes before I leave to work.

 Aftes these few weeks of use the brush, I can definitely say that my skin has improved a bit. I do have way less black heads and other impurities on my skin, probably I will never get rid of all of them, but it's been a great improvement for my skin.

Also one thing to mention, I liked a lot that Vanity Planet is completely cruelty free, so everyone can use the products.

Vanity Planet

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Mickey Mouse GInger Bread Cookies (gluten free and vegan)

We are half way of December already and next week is Christmas week! To make our tiny room a little christmassy we bought a small christmas tree we decorated with the christmas ornaments we bought from Disney World last September.

Every year I love making ginger bread cookies, but this year I made them with a new recipe I never tried before. 
These ginger bread cookies are refined sugar free and vegan and so tasty! I wasn't sure how these are gonna be, because I was using some of the ingredients for the first time in my life. 

I wish I would have used more of the spices, since when I tried the cookies I didn't get too much feel of ginger and nutmeg, but still they tasted pretty great ! 

2 Cups of        coconut flour 
1/4 Cups of     Blackstrap Molasses 
2 Tbsp             melted coconut oil 
2tbsp               Tapioca Starch 
2tsp                 Xantham gum / baking powder
2tsp                 Coconut sugar / other sweetener
                       splash of water 

Add the coconut flour, spices and rest of the dry ingredients into a bowl and since the mixture doesn't really taste good smell it and if you think you need more spices just add it. I didn't add any amount for the spices, because I usually add them according which flavours I like the most. But you can start with 2-3 tsp of all of the ingredients and add up from there. 

Next add the black strap molasses and coconut oil and coconut sugar (or another sweetener you are using) into the dry ingredient mixture. Start mixing it with your hand and you can add little bit water in to make form a dough. In case you wish to use another kind of flour you can do that but you might not necessarily need add the water, because coconut flour needs more liquid than other flours. 

when the mixtures is looking like a nice take a bit of Tapioca Starch and sprinkle on a table and roll out the dough and use a cookie cutter to do the cookies. 
Bake in the over in 200°c for about 10 minutes or until the cookies looks ready

Friday, December 1, 2017

My favourite Winter warmer

It’s first of December, and officially you can have all your christmas decorations in place and no one doesn’t think it’s too early for Christmas. 

Perfect winter warmer after coming back home from the cold weather is Loving earth  organic creamy drinking chocolate. It is perfect combination with homemade coconut mylk. 
I wasn’t sure if I would like it, since it doesn’t have any sugar in it, little bit coconut mylk chocolate and coconut  nectar. 
However I decided to try it out, since I love their chocolate bars and they are amazing! 

When I bought the chocolate powder I tried it with supermarket bought unsweetened almond milk, to be honest I wasn’t really big fan of it, probably I needed to get used to for the taste without sugar. It was one of the first days I got into homemade nut mylks and I got an idea to try it with the coconut mylk, after that I was completely sold for it. 
Next time when I went to Planet Organic I had to buy another container of it, since the cashier wasn’t sure if it’s gonna come in store anytime soon and it was the last one. 

I have to admit that it is not very student budget friendly, but worth of every penny! There was also the choice of dark chocolate, I didn’t try it because I’m not sure if I’m still getting some allergic reactions of dark chocolate. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Vegan Weekend with my Swiss

The weekend is over and my friend she had to fly back to Switzerland. We had an amazing weekend mainly consisting of eating and drinking but we enjoyed a lot.

Our mornings started from Elephant and Castle, we had breakfast at Cupcakes and Shhht, small independent vegan coffee shop and bakery. There you can have the best freakshakes ever, well it was the very first time when I tried one, but it looked amazing and also tastes great.
Definitely it won't be the last time when I will go there for breakfast.

That afternoon we spend doing our normal hobby together, spending money and buying new makeup. And we both always complain that we have too much make up... well it can be forgotten sometimes. And since we planned the weekend before, mainly where we are going to eat, we also wanted to visit at Deliciously Ella deli, I can say that there you can always find something delicious to eat. I love that place it is such a nice place to have a lunch or supper and what I love about it the most is that almost everything is gluten free, the rare times when I get to eat every single crumble from my plate, that is real happiness!

On Saturday night we also had a booking to Sky Garden, it was really nice to see the city after sunset. I have been visiting there only in the afternoon once before. The view was lovely up there only one thing I can say that I didn't like too much, that it was really cold up in there, I wish there would been at least a bit of heating but in the end we came there to see the view and we did, we didn't have anything to drink there, because after that we headed for dinner.

Sunday was our proper all you can eat day. I had a feeling that we were moving from the Cupcakes and shhht to Hackney where we went to Palm Vault, now we were after a sparking lattes. Unfortunately they told us to go to their Soho shop, they didn't do them in this coffee shop. We still decided to sit down and try something I haven't tried or seen before, Rose latte and my friend took Bluemoon latte
And when we were done in there we headed to this little vegan grill. They made there vegan chicken and vegan mac and cheese. I was able to eat french fries with vegan mayo plus I did take two forks of the mac and cheese, I had to try it!
After all of this we were so stuffed and we felt like rolling back to central London. We did our last stop at Planet Organic and Whole foods Market, something that we just cannot skip when we are together.

On Monday we didn't have much time, we only went to have a coffee in a coffee shop in Covent Garden and little bit later, just before she left we had a lunch at Whole foods Market.

The weekend was great and cannot wait to see you soon here or either in Switzerland !

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Homemade Almond Milk

When homemade becomes pop in this household, even milk is made at home. Few days ago I came across a nut milk bag and from there I got an Idea that I will try to make my milks by myself.

Also one positive side of doing homemade nut milks is that it is cheaper than buying milk from supermarket and you know exactly what is inside of it.

when you buy almond milk or coconut milk from supermarket it is really important to check the labels what's inside of the milk, since they are not always as healthy as you think. There can be lots of preservatives inside and also if you don't keep on eye the sugar level of the milk, it can be extremely high.

And one other good thing of doing your nut milk is that from the leftover pulp either it is coconut or almond you can turn it into a flour, and reuse it for example for cookies or any other kind of food you prefer

I already tried last night coconut milk and I was so happy when I realised that, it actually tasted really good so I really wanted to go to get those almonds and try it.

It is actually really simple to do it. All you need are naked/blanched almonds, water and blender. It is as easy as it sounds

1 Cup of bleached Almonds
3 Cups of fresh water

And if you like to make it sweetened, add couple of dates inside

1. Soak the almonds overnight in a bowl of water. After at least six hours rinse the water but do not dry the almonds
2. Add the almonds into blender and blend together until it looks well blended
3. Pour the liquid over a nut milk bag and squeeze all the rest of the liquid from the pulp that is left
4. Place the milk in air tight container and use it within 5 days
5. reuse the pulp to turn it into almond flour

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Memories from Disney

Time has passed and it's been already two months since we came back from Walt Disney World and it's already Christmas time.
Hopefully next year we are able to see Disney at the Christmas time, from the pictures on Instagram, it looks amazing. Christmas under sunshine- waiting to experience that

We did stay at the Disney resort for 10 days and we were really lucky since the Hurricane was over already, even though you were able to see some damage after it, it didn't bother our holiday.
It was a magical experience, we enjoyed so much that we didn't leave Disney site at all, even though we had some plans to go to see Orlando, but maybe next time.

We also bought extra tickets to Mickey's not so scary halloween party- which I loved so much. My very first time to go for trick or treat, it  was the thing we did a lot, even though there were characters you are able to see only during the special events, but we didn't want to waste all the time in a queue, so we were collectin candy. However, when we were at the airport going back home, we didn't realise to put the candy into the checked baggages, and we had to throw all the candy away. I was lucky that I did try couple of the candies before we did it

Next time we will plan the holiday a bit before hand, since we weren't sure how everything is, I didn't realise that I have to book Princess royal table breakfast 6 months before hand, we didn't have a chance for that, but we did go to have a breakfast with Winnie the pooh and friends and once again we were so happy about the breakfast. So next time we'll see if we are able to have a possibility to have breakfast with the princesses at the castle

See ya real soon!