Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happiness is...

To find a new delicious, but still healthy breakfast. Recently Instagram has been full of this delicious super food breakfast bowls, Açai bowl. Since everyone has been posting pictures of it I decided to try it out and I agree that it is an awesome breakfast or even a snack in the afternoon.
I made it really simple just blended together a frozen banana, açai powder and water. There are thousands of possibilities to do it, and the best thing is that you can top it with your favourite toppings. This morning I went to the market near my home and bought some fresh raspberries so I used them, chia seeds and raw cacao nibs. When I finished my bowl I was just craving more and for my happiness I found two more spoon fulls in the dish where I blended my açai bowl.
Past few days I've been craving so much junk food and I've been slipping a bit with my diet, but I hope I can get back to eating healthy again with this breakfast.

What is your way to get back to eat healthy, if you have slipped away a bit from healthy living?

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Sunday, day off and nothing to do is a very bad combination, it leads to a shopping spree. That's how was my Sunday and I had lovely lunch by myself at the Whole foods market in Piccadilly and from there I moved to Oxford street going through all the possible clothing and health stores.
Let's not put everything to a bad shade, I did wake up quite early this morning around 7.30 AM and I did something I havent done yet, but I've said so many times I'd like to do that, I went to a park and did my morning workout there and between the sets of the workout I even managed to find a four-leaf clover!
So what did I manage to find in shops today?
Number one thing is food and food suppliments. I chose to take a box of the salad bar and with that I really needed a cup of coffee, so that means almond milk latte. At first I didn't like the taste of hot almond milk at all, but I guess I've just got used to it since now I love it
Something that I see in quite many places, on youtube and here in UK, acai bowl, in order to make it at home I purchased acai powder, so tomorrow I'm going to have exiting new breakfast! I don't wanna get bored with my oatmeal so better to change sometimes.

And also I decided to try out something I've been craving for months, but it is quite expensive so I didnt't want to buy it before, but since today was kind of my pampering day I decided to give a try, raw coconut cookies. There are no words how amazing they are, I nearly finished one entire bag of them... Oops!
And my very last purchase was a crop top. I think I can call this as one of my achievments, it is my first crop top ever, since I never really felt comfortable to go out belly out. Not that I would like to do it now either, but the top is covering quite well, only in case I need to raise my arms my belly will be all visible, but I still feel much better now that ever before with this kind of top and I am in love with the top, It is a perfect top for the summer.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Heat wave and Stitch Hoodie

Finally the heat wave is going away from UK, it has been so hot, even rising your arm made you sweat. And my room has been like a sauna, should not get homesick though!
I am so exited that the temperature went back to around 22 degrees, because now I had a first time to wear my new Stitch hoodie I bought for myself as a birthday present! When I saw it on instagram, I knew I had to get it. And the package arrived last Saturday, but for my unfortunate the temperature was already on that day 30 degrees, so no chance to wear my new hoodie.
But today was the day and I am loving it! I cannot wait to get to Walt Disney World this September! There no one won't even give you a strange look, i get to be with my kind of people.
Also on the hot days I did cool myself down with bowl of home made frozen yoghurt!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Loving Earth Raw Chocolate

Most of the people at least women loves shopping, but I'm not really those people except when it comes to food, again. I rather do my shopping online than crawling all the shops in London full of people.
But like I mentioned couple post ago that I did go to visit in Planet Organic. I always find something to shop in there or in Wholefoods market. But since I was pretty much broke, I didn't want to spend too much money I sticked with chocolate and other sweet treats.

I loved all of them, I'm still getting used to my new diet, gluten free diet and sometimes I feel like there is nothing I can eat if I'd like to have a lunch or dinner outside. There are just very few places (that I can afford with my student budjet) where I can eat and now most of the time we'll eat in Whole foods market and soon I wanna also try to have a lunch in Planet Organic.
Anyway, back to the shopping I did in Planet Organic. So I had my very first taste for Loving earth chocolates, since this is the only place I am able to find it. I chose Salted caramel and rasperry chocolate and I can tell whenever I'll be near Tottenham courtroad I will always go for a bar of chocolate! A bad thing about the chocolate is that I am unable to control myself, i'll have the entire bar at once. Last time I realised that it is much better if I am buying only the smaller size.

If anyone knows any other place to buy Planet organic chocolate bars, let me know in the comment box! Or either online where you are ordering it (:

Friday, June 2, 2017

Mickey Mouse Breakfast Bowl

I really canno't wait until September to have everyday a disney breakfast or actually any meal. This wan't my idea, but by an accident on I saw such a cute Mickey Mouse breakfast bowl and I couldn't resist to not buy it.
Finally the package arrived to my homedoor and I ribbed open the package in few seconds.
Now since I have been on holidayall this week I've had time to prepare my breakfast using this bowl. 
I can't even say how much I love this bowl, I am in love with it. I actually bought two of them just in case the other one brake or if my boyfriend wants to join me to have a disney breakfast together.

I love all the disney merchandise, they look so cute it makes your meals much more enjoyable, not that I don't enjoy my meals even with a normal bowl, but this is just e perfect breakfast bowl for a disney fan

These bowls are definitely at the moment my favourite disney merchamdise alomg my beauty and the beast chip mug from Disney store uk. What is your favourite disney merchandise of all time or at this moment?    

Friday, May 26, 2017

Summer, in Uk!

Recently it's been all about food and it kind of keep going with the same subject, because I actually had a picknick in a park. This means that summer arrived even here in London. Out of a sudden the winter weather turned out to be 27 degrees and hot burning sun, I even managed to burn my back while I was studying in the park.

I am hungry all the time, my stomach is bottomless. Even if I have increased my portion sizes since we started our "diet" since I am eating a whole lot more vegetables. Which is actually amazing, I am able to stuck myself full of food so often, I don't need to feel guilty of eating enourmous plates of food.

This afternoon we're heading to check out Planet Organic, in Tottenham court road. I have been there only once before when I discovered the shop and bought just aloe vera geL, but now I am going there to try out Loving earth raw chocolate bars! I am so exited, recently I've been eating only raw chocolate and it taste great and the best part is that I am not getting any allergic reaction of it!But back for yesterday's food, so I had banana, vanilla and strawberry protein smoothie. I cannot say how much I love this smoothie and it keeps me full such a long time. Usually I have this or banana, spinach and almond butter protein smoothie for my lunch and then for the dinner I prepare proper hot meal.

And not to forget my snack brake while studying, this is something I need a lot. Snacking while studying, without a snack I just can't do it. I had Emily fruit crisps, apple slices. Unfortunately if I open the package I don't have any control for muself, definitely I will finish the entire package. Well at least it is filled up with natural sugars and not refined sugars.

What are your favourite healthy snacks?


Friday, May 19, 2017

Zucchini Brownies

When it comes to desserts and sweet stuff I am hopeless, there is no way I can say no, unfortunately. I could live with pastries and desserts, but couple days ago I was watching Sarah's day on youtube and I got an Idea from her, to try homemade zucchini brownies

I didn't follow her recipe, since I didn't have all the ingredients she used in her brownies, but I did check Pinterest (again) for a recipe and I did modifyit a bit. Regular chocolate powder I changed for raw cacao powder and as a chocolate chips Inused also raw cacao nibs, otherwise I did follow the ingredients the recipe told me to use.

So the ingredients for my raw cacao zucchini brownies;

1 cup or 250ml of grated zucchini

1 smashed banana

1/2cup or 125ml of almond butter

1/4 or 85ml of agave or honey to sweetend the batter

2-3 tbsp of raw cacao powder or more if you like really chocolity

1 whole egg

1 tsp of baking powder

Cacao nibs as you think it's nice

Preheat the oven for 180 degrees

Smash the banana and add into the bowl with the graded zucchini and add all the rest of the ingredients. Mix well the batter, pour into a silicone mould or any kind of mould you are using to make the brownies.

And bake for  30 minutes. Let the brownies cool down and enjoy !